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Economy and Forex Outlook post COVID19

Día: 08/07/2021

17.00 a 18.00h
Spain Nissho/Shacho Kai/Suiyo Kai Barcelona


Although the COVID-19 situation is deemed improving mainly due to vaccination, unstable economic environment may still continue. As this seminar will focus on macro economy trends in Spain and Portugal and forex market outlook, we hope that this opportunity would help you to make any necessary business strategy in Iberia.



ü  Date / 8th July (Thu) 17.00 – 18.00 (in Spain time)

ü  Webinar(Online seminar)

ü  (1) “The post-pandemic rebound: will Spain and Portugal diverge from the rest of Europe?” / Iberian Macro Economy

      - Mr. Henry Cook, Europe Economist, MUFG Bank Economic Research Office

(2) “The post-pandemic rebound – How will the ECB and EUR respond?” / Forex Market Outlook

      - Mr. Derek Halpenny, Head of Research, Global Markets EMEA and International Securities Global Markets Division for EMEA

ü  Around 1 hours in total, including QA session.

ü  Organized by / MUFG BANK (Europe) Spain branch

ü  Supported by / Spain Nissho, Barcelona Suiyokai, Shacho kai